Rules for my Awards programme

Please, read my criteria before

you apply for an award

1.- Websites submitted must be yours.
2.- Don't change my award, and claim it as your own

You will not cut, resize, or alter any Award


Your site can not contains material that is unsuitable,
such as Hate, Porno, Total Nudity, Racism, or violence, anything of this nature.

5.- Please make sure your site is not under construction and links go correctly.

The site must be in English or in Spanish language, which I can understand.


If your site is chosen for an award, I expect a link back to my main page. I also require that you notify me when you receive the award.


If you wish my Awards, please e-mail me with your name, your site URL, your e-mail, name of the Site, and a brief description of it.  I will visit it and if I think itís a good and nice website, family-friendly and safe for children, then I will give you your award.


If you win it, you are informed by e-mail as soon as possible. 

10.- Please, choose the most suitable award to your website content.

You can choose one or two of the next awards:

(No more than 2 please)






These two awards have been kindly made for me by












Please, be sure to look at all pages of awards

before you choose one!