Welcome to Elenaís Designs Graphic Websets.

These are a LINKWARE set and must be linked back to


 and to the Graphic Artist if the additional logo is shown,

but you may purchase it for 40 euros.


This set may NOT be used as stationery in emails.

This set may NOT be used on a COMMERCIAL site.

You may use any combination of this background set.

Do not alter this webset in anyway, if you would like

more buttons, etc, please,e-mail me and

I will try to accomodate your



I would love that if you use this set, you e-mail me with

the URL where you are using it, to see your creation.

I can send you a ZIP file of this set if you request it.


Thanks and enjoy!

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Print are copyrighted by the artist © Renaud and should not be purchased for resale,
reproduced or used as a promotion without the written consent of the artist.

Floater script courtesy of DYNAMIC DRIVE